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Tax and Spend Smack-down

See my response to a ‘tax and spender’ who challenged my tax cut… TAX & SPEND SMACKDOWN Watch as I respond to a 'tax and spender' critic, and clearly explain why high taxes and high debt is wrong-headed. At the end, I 'put my money where my mouth is' and challenged my
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A Refresher on Gov’t

Lately, government in Powhatan has been a little crazy! A refresher on how things are supposed to work may help… First- We have all agreed on our form of government. “When did we do that?” you say! The Constitution starts with “We the People”. It’s a compact that binds us to
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Apartments in Powhatan?

KCG Development company, based in Indiana, has expressed a desire to build an apartment and office complex on the corner of Old Church Rd & Carter-Gallier Blvd. It would require a re-zoning (currently zoned industrial). The project is tax credit housing, not section 8. Tax credit housing means that the builder
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Larry Named RSAAC Chairman!

Mr. Larry Nordvig, District 2 Powhatan County Supervisor, was recently chosen to lead the new Regional Substance Abuse Awareness Coalition. The organization, also known as RSAAC, is committed to curbing the growing heroin and opioid drug crisis in the region, as well as addressing alcohol and tobacco abuse. RSAAC
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