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Tax and Spend Smack-down

See my response to a ‘tax and spender’ who challenged my tax cut… TAX & SPEND SMACKDOWN Watch as I respond to a 'tax and spender' critic, and clearly explain why high taxes and high debt is wrong-headed. At the end, I 'put my money where my mouth is' and challenged my
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A Refresher on Gov’t

Lately, government in Powhatan has been a little crazy! A refresher on how things are supposed to work may help… First- We have all agreed on our form of government. “When did we do that?” you say! The Constitution starts with “We the People”. It’s a compact that binds us to
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Apartments in Powhatan?

KCG Development company, based in Indiana, has expressed a desire to build an apartment and office complex on the corner of Old Church Rd & Carter-Gallier Blvd. It would require a re-zoning (currently zoned industrial). The project is tax credit housing, not section 8. Tax credit housing means that the builder
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