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Larry is the Supervisor for District 2 and wants to hear from you!



Open Honest Government that Values Powhatan over Politics!

Tired of party politics and gridlock? I’m your representative – My job is to serve you! I’ll continue to break gridlock and to demand open, honest government that values Powhatan over politics! I’ll make sure we “get it done”!


Excellent Safety, Schools, and Services

You desire excellent safety, great schools, safe roads, adequate facilities, and caring customer service. I strengthened Fire/Rescue & Sheriff’s Office, restored cooperation with the School Board, and fixed the badly-broken teacher/employee pay scale – with no tax hike, a balanced budget, and strong cash reserves. I supportĀ  safety, education, and growing our local economy & jobs.

Country-Friendly Commercial Growth!

My plan is to encourage new commercial growth in light industry, complimentary businesses, and agribusiness (niche’ farming, equine, and sports tourism). As the commercial side picks up, your taxes go down!


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High-Density Backers Want to Bulldoze You!

Powhatan is rural. We like it that way. That’s “We”, as in “We the

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Register to Vote

Register to Vote

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Check Your Registration Status

Check Your Registration Status

Not voted for some time? Wondering if your address is correct, and that you are currently properly registered to vote? The Virginia State Board of Elections website has a “look-up” tool to check you status. Go there now!

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Where to Vote

Where to Vote

Find out where you need to go to vote by entering your home address. Don’t wait until election to find out your polling location has moved!

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