Are you tired of party politics? I am. It’s what’s causing the gridlock in DC and a lost sense of unity in our nation. I’m an elected official, not somebody’s puppet–I don’t serve special interest groups. I’m here to serve you and get things done! I ask for your vote to preserve open, honest government that places “Powhatan 1st, Not Politics!”


The voice of “We the People” is clear when it comes to future growth. Keep Powhatan’s rural character. Don’t turn us into Chesterfield! I have a track record of fighting against uncontrolled sprawl, and will continue to vote to add only growth which is reasonable in size and density, and maintains our rural “feel.”


Bring it! Like water and electricity, good internet service is now a basic necessity of the 21st Century. I’ve appointed people to the Citizen’s Broadband Committee, and I am delighted to say that construction of our new broadband system has begun!


The top priorities of any local government should be safety, schools, and services. You desire excellent safety, great schools, safe roads, adequate facilities, and caring customer service.

What I’ve Done:

  • Streamlined the Fire/Rescue Department and strengthened the Sheriff’s Office
    • Lower costs, easier staffing, faster response times!
  • Restored working relationship with the School Board
    • When I was elected, the 2 boards needed a mediator. My intentional outreach to the School Board has helped to restore a good working relationship – we’re now ‘getting it done’! “Larry hit the ground running and worked with me as School Board Chairman to get the most “bang for the buck” from State education funds. He is a true partner who brings his ‘A-game’ every day” – Jim Kunka, School Board Chairman
  • Worked with state and local officials to fix to our badly-broken teacher pay scale
    • How badly broken?

pay scale picture large

  • Thankfully, we were able to take advantage of a state matching grant to help ‘straighten out’ school employee pay. Now we can attract the best new-hires in the region, and maintain our excellent school reputation. All of this was accomplished with no tax hike, a balanced budget, and a strong cash reserve. Again, “Powhatan 1st!”

What I’ll Do:

  • Continue to support our 1st-responders as a top priority
  • Continue to support our school employees and provide excellent facilities & resources
  • Ensure true needs are addressed in a fiscally-responsible manner

The pathway to prosperity and lower taxes is through rural-friendly commercial growth. People don’t move to Powhatan to enjoy city living. We can be both business-friendly and ensure that new growth compliments our rural character.

What I’ll Do: Promote…

  1. Light industry – clean, quiet, safe – a variety, with an emphasis on hi-tech and small manufacturing
  2. Small business – encourage ‘buy local’
  3. Agribusiness – Ag production, but also niche and organic farming, and food ‘experiences’ (food trail, etc.)
  4. Equine enterprises – Horse shows, riding trails, weekend equine ‘experiences’
  5. Sports tourism – walking/biking trails, tournament hosting, promote Powhatan State Park, “Rivuh” activities
  6. Appropriate zoning & a streamlined process that enhances business development, plus a dedicated biz-web site

Success in these areas would grow the commercial sector & allow for lower residential tax rates! With the use of existing natural settings, and appropriate architectural matching, we can keep Powhatan an attractive setting in which to work and live.


I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment…’the right of the People to keep and bear arms.’ Our rights should be protected, but common sense also plays a role. For example – the 1st Amendment allows for free speech, but common sense dictates you can’t yell “Fire!” in a movie theater. Likewise, I agree with the law which prohibits guns in a courtroom (did you know that Powhatan Court House has a bullet hole in the ceiling from ‘back in the day’?). Convicted felons would be another obvious restriction. Protect our constitutional 2nd Amendment rights? Yes – as much as possible! But leave room for common sense…