Larry Nordvig is a co-founding member of the recently-formed Regional Substance Abuse Awareness Coalition. The mission of the Coalition is to inspire, equip, and educate the community in Powhatan & Goochland counties about the abuse of a variety of substances. The ultimate goal is to come as close as possible to a community free of substance abuse.

Within the organization are 4 task force sub-groups. One of these, the Assessment & Planning Task Force, has just named Larry Nordvig as the Chair. This is an important post, as the Task Force gathers data on the problems of substance abuse in the region, analyzes the information, then develops a strategic plan for the entire Coalition to follow.

The Coalition has around 35 active members, and has representatives from Social Services, Community Services, Attorney General’s Office, Va Department of Tobacco, Sheriff’s Office, treatment centers, and many more. Larry represents the elected official component of the group.

While no substance will be ignored, a particular emphasis will initially be placed on heroin, opiates, and prescription drug abuse, as these contribute to an alarming increase in cases resulting in overdose & death.

Action begins immediately.