It came to my attention that one of our District 2 neighbors needed help. When I began to ask around, I had no idea how much the community would rally to her aid!

A woman owns a home on a creek that turns into a small copy of the James River rapids whenever it rains hard. Erosion was a big problem, so much so that the creek bed was eating away the ground from under her very nice storage shed! Something needed to be done…

Powhatan County can’t use taxpayer money on that sort of thing, so I just flat-out asked for volunteer help. Soon, the erosion specialist from the county staff, as well as the rep from the Monacan Soil & Water Board were on the scene. They gave their professional opinions and recommendations, which was to build a stone wall along the inside of the creek.

Next, LuckStone donated about two tons of football-sized rocks! This was followed by local teen help, dumping rocks into the creek, while I built the wall.

End result? An erosion-free creek, a stone wall, and a saved shed! So amazing to see a community come together like that & just “get ‘er done”! Thanks to all who helped!