KCG Development company, based in Indiana, has expressed a desire to build an apartment and office complex on the corner of Old Church Rd & Carter-Gallier Blvd. It would require a re-zoning (currently zoned industrial). The project is tax credit housing, not section 8. Tax credit housing means that the builder gets tax credits for building apartments which have a certain % of space available for workforce housing, meaning some units would be available for those with an income from the mid-20’s to the mid-40’s salary range. The developer then sells the tax credits for cash & uses it to build the apartments. Section 8 is a federal coupon given to an individual to help pay for rent & utilities, and the feds help subsidize the building itself. So, this is workforce housing (aimed at fire & rescue employees, teachers, deputies, blue-collar, etc.), not Section 8. The building would be more than 80% brick, with upgraded interiors, clubhouse, offices, W-Fi, swimming pool, gym, etc., and built to certified landscaping standards. It is not “projects” housing. Pro’s & Con’s…Pro’s- 200 construction jobs, long-term jobs moved here with added available workforce, R.E. tax income for the county, as well as utilities & hook-up fee income, vehicle property tax income, and residents spending money in Powhatan. More rooftops also mean increased possibilities of attracting commercial projects such as a Lowe’s, steakhouse, etc. Last on the “Pro” side, the obvious new housing possibilities for those who cannot afford a 10-20% down-payment on a house, and don’t qualify for a government loan. Con’s- Without complementary commercial businesses being built, it does cost the county more. Fire/Rescue, Sheriff’s Office, and schools would face the challenges of accommodating more residents. Traffic management is also a concern. When this project was proposed last year (they cancelled due to federal deadlines), the consensus from county agencies & VDOT was that the apartments could be accommodated. I have not spoken with anyone about it this year, since it has just been re-introduced. The meeting last night was a “neighborhood meeting” about the re-zoning, meant for those who live near the property, not county-wide. KCG followed county instructions, and were not required to advertise, but rather mail letters to nearby homes & businesses. That was done. It explains why everyone wasn’t informed. Here’s where I stand…My job is to make sure government protects & benefits the People. It requires me to be a leader, but also a representative of the People. The People are my boss. If there is overwhelming opinion on this issue, I will be their “voice.” Our challenge going forward is to grow in a smart way, but not become a “Chesterfield.” I will continue to search for better alternatives for workforce housing in Powhatan, and complementary businesses that keep our county rural, but also keep our taxes under control. It’s a big challenge, but I think our community can do it!